Saturday, June 18, 2011

A parting gift

Hello Zed.
I'm still very upset about you trying to kill me.
I know how your the state your head is in right now so let me remind you how that went.
It was an utter failure.
The reason your still alive is because you didn't even got close to killing me.
You tried to slit your own throat you idiot.
I was able to stop you before you even touched the knife.
But your attempt was very upsetting.
So i decided to give you what you wanted.
I left.
I have a new host now.
Remember the proxie i killed at the gas station?
The dead make better puppets than the living.
But don't think i left you without saying goodbye.
Your may think you arm is broken but you should take a peak under the cast.
Do you think i would repay a death attempt in broken bones?
I would advise changing your password to something less predictable from now on.

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