Monday, March 14, 2011


It appears that I've been hacked by someone who is associated with the hooded thing. Changed my password so it shouldn't be a problem anymore. Please disregard any of my recent comments on any posts especially if the post contained a bad joke or end in "HAHAHA".

I'm not going to bother tracking down all comments the hacker made, though i did find this comment on one of my Saturday posts: Well to be honest i didn't think the other would be poking around in Zed's head. It's not like it helps any of you anyway, you people can only see the orange! NEVER THE BLUE!


The hacker seems to be suggesting that i'm being turned into a Slender proxie so i'm going to start tying my leg to a bed post before i go to sleep. I don't know the significance on the "Orange and Blue" part of the comment, if anyone has any thoughts on what it means please post.


WOW you sure are easy to hack Zed! Seriously Zed, setting your password to your phone number? How retarded are you!?! Did you even check to see if your phone was gone after you passed out?

You really are pathetic! You don't even have correct punctuation half the time! I can't even conceive of why you continue to run this pointless blog! Do you really think that you can make any kind of difference?
Both you and me know how this will end Zed, you'll either end up hanging in a tree with a few organs missing or frying in the desert, your mouth filled with sand.

You know laughter doesn't transfer well into test but i'll take my best shot!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What happened at Finns

When i got to Finns house on Saturday i found that all the windows had been covered, some by blinds, some by curtains, i think i even saw one taped over with duct tape. I knocked on Finn's door, turns out he was fine, the reason that he didn't contact anyone was that all his electronics stopped working and he heard something lurking outside. Finn went to investigate and got rushed by something wearing a hood, he shut the door fast and locked it. It continued to lurk outside until about an hour before i arrived.

After Finn explained what happened we got Finn's camera to take photos of the footprints outside. As soon as we opened the door the thing barged in and punched me the stomach, i fell over in pain (i admit it, i can't take a punch) and the thing started fighting Finn. Finn being more athletic than i am was able to fight it for a while which gave me to get back up and stab it. Funny thing happened when the knife cut that abomination, dust came out instead of blood. I gasped, breathing in some of the dust and then went unconscious. Finn later told me that after i stabbed it the thing just took off running.

I woke up on Sunday with a headache. I don't even remember posting on Saturday.

I forgot to say what happened to the camera, it just stopped working after the hooded thing attacked.

I'm fine

I'm fine everyone, Finn is alive to. To much of a headache right now to explain what happened, i'll post it later.

Saturday, March 12, 2011



Friday, March 11, 2011

Finn is missing

Haven't heard from Finn in 8 hours. He hasn't been on Skype or posted anything on Facebook today either which is rather unusual for him. I'm heading over to Finn's house in the morning, bringing that knife i recently bought.

Good news everyone!

Found out who sent me that letter today, turns out it was my a friend of mine who had seen marble hornets and thought it was a hoax. He knows where i live so he dropped it off at my house to freak me out for the lulz. I was to relieved that i wasn't even mad.

In other news Finn drew a picture of the red mask dude from his dreams. The mask looks like it's made out of cloth or burlap and a rope is tied around his neck to hold it on. The picture shows masky wearing both gloves and boots, the drawing is in graphite so i can't be sure, but i think the gloves and boots are meant to be black. The knife is very unique looking though, it looks like it's almost sprouting teeth.

Time for the bad news now. I found more footprints around my house today, they look about as old as the last ones so i doubt that Mr.Sandy has been back. This would have all been good if i had just left it at that. I took a look through recent photos and found one i took of the street from out my front window, i didn't notice when i first took the picture but looking at it now i can see sand in the grass of my lawn. This thing has been watching me since before i even had this blog. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updates from everyone

I had a dream last night, Slender Man and his proxies were chasing people through a forest. I thought they were all going to die, that we were all going to die. Then i heard something from Trees and i looked up, something leaped down from the top of a Tree and landed on a proxie and snapped  it's neck, that's the only time it moved slow enough for me to get a good look, it's eyes glowed and it's face was red like blood. The thing with glowing eyes took some kind of knife out, slit their throats, proxies and runners alike. It killed them quickly, then it went for Slendy himself. Slender Man vanished, and the thing turned, it looked at me, and then i woke up. - Finn

Something is following me, it's never there when i turn around but i know it's real. I will update if something happens. - Mr.Steel

Found an odd letter in my mail today. Blank white envelop with one word written on it in black crayon, "Zed". Inside the envelop i found some blank paper with written on the black crayon just like the envelop, it said "THE ARK VIEWS YOU FROM IT'S STEEL THRONE". This is bad, someone knows who i am and where i live. The style of writing is consistent with proxies. I'm going to go buy a knife in the morning. - Zed

Finn told me the dream today and my recollection seems to be a bit off, for example it was a red mask not a red face.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Problem Day

Finn just contacted me, said the streetlights outside his house have been filckering. I Really hope that there is just a problem with the lights.

We might be dealing with something that is not Slenderman. I only know of 1 case (one of the HYBRIDS videos) in which Slenderman has caused lights to go off.

If  anyone knows of something that causes light disruptions please tell me.

I'm Ok

I'm ok everybody, when i went outside whoever was lurking had already gone. I checked the ground around the spot i heard the sounds from and found some boot prints in the mud. After closer examination i found bits of sand around the boot prints. Good news, Slender is not stalking me. Bad news, someone else is.

P.S. You may be wondering why it took me 6 hours to update that i found nothing outside. What happened is that my computer stoped working after i went outside to check, just got it working now.

Have a problem

I hear something walking around outside. It's staying away from the windows. This might be bad, REALLY bad. Best case scenario, a pizza delivery guy has come to the wrong house. Worst case scenario, it's Mr S, he knows where all of us live, he kills me and moves on to Mr.Steel and Finn. I don't think he can chase them both at once. If one of them survives please inform them of everything that has happened up to this point, they don't know as much as i do. If i don't update in 24 hours then assume i'm dead.

For Finn and Mr.Steel: If you guys are reading this you should pack your stuff and run, preferably in opposite directions.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Our last post was.... vague at best, so let me clarify. We are not an organization like we have implied in our last post. We are just three people who have become aware of Slender. Like i said in my last post we will not reveal our names for our own safety, however to distinguish ourselves from one another we will identify ourselves as Zed (i operate the blog), Mr.Steel (the decoder, and computer expert), and Finn (finds obscure information). We are just starting to become aware of all that has happened and are still gathering information on some things like Redlight. I'll update the blog if anything happens but still no sign of Slender.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We are the Coders

Hello to all the Runners out there. We are the Coders, we will not give you our names, we will not give you are location, we are aware of this Slender Man and have been following any news related to him for some time now. As far as we know Mr.S is not aware of our existence, and we would like to keep it that way. We start this in hopes that we may help others with the fight against the Slender Man, however we will continue to remain Anonymous for as long as we can.