Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Silence in the Library

Got to that library in navada today.
It's in a small town called montview.
Why a town this size would even have a public library eludes me.
The library was padlocked and looked like it rusted a long time ago.
I broke in through a window on the back.
The interior was coated with a thin layer of dust.
Thankfully everything was still organized.
I suppose i have the dewy decimal system to thank for that.
I found the book i was looking for.
I found "40 odd American Legends" by Elissa K. Guiles.
I am one step closer to the ark.
- Indrid

Hello? Is anyone reading this? The sand showed me the last thing i wrote. It usually just shows me what Indrid  Cold is doing. Driving a car, sharpening my knife, skulking around some long forgotten library, and that grin, that awful grin. He NEVER STOPS GRINNING. But if i see it in the sand then it must be on the outside.

The wind use to blow away everything I wrote in the sand. Now the water comes up the beach and washes it away. There are so many fish in that ocean, some are bright and silver, but I know there are dark things at the bottom. I caught one of the fish once, it was laughing about someone getting kicked by a horse. I think that they are....... knowledge.

If you are reading this there are some things you should know. Indrid Cold can't see me here. I don't know how i know that but i do. I figured out that i was never stalked by Slender Man, this entire time it has been Indrid. The lights, the electrical  problems, the footprints, it's been Indrid the whole time. In the time between March and May I found the Ark or the Arc or whatever you want to call that abomination. Whatever happens don't let Indrid Cold get to it.

It's hard to read blogs through the sand. From what i can make out something happened to Slice, someone called "Kay" is mad at Indrid, and Zero is back. I never met Zero when he was around. From what i gathered he was some kind of great leader to allot of us. Now that he's back things should get better. I think the waves are stopping, and the wind seems to be picking up agai-.

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  1. Okay, you are not allowed to make Doctor Who references, you sick bastard.

    And good luck with your search because you're not going to find anything.