Sunday, May 8, 2011

Still Alive




  1. Zed? Okay, calm down. We won't let him, all right? It's okay.

    Whatever this is, you can beat it.


  2. He needs to work on his mental defenses and get in control. He broke out this must to inform us, that alone is a positive sign of his existence being shoved into a box so Indrid can use his form.

    Giving Indrid the arc/ark when there are so very little details on both him and it (and upon what can be done with it) is still highly unlikely to be allowed to happen. Figuring out Indrid Cold and figuring his intentions are what matter now. Eliminate Slender Man, eh? There is obviously more to it than that, there always is.

    We require more information, from both Zed and Indrid if we are going to be expected to be of any use.

    Keep fighting, Zed. We'll get you free. When we do Indrid will be visiting a very cold interrogation chamber.

    Stay safe both of you for now, for Indrid's survival seems to mean your own, Zed. Don't do anything stupid. Just do what you can to give us answers and information. We'll be trying to work on Indrid and learn what we can from him.

    Be careful,