Monday, May 9, 2011

Help from the Machine

Got my first lead on the ark today.
A computer by the name of the Reintegration Tablet gave me this.
RT:The Ark. A metaphysical representation of a physical concept. As the flood of the |OC| comes, where is there to escape to but The Ark? Possibly a safe haven or way to defeat the |OC| or its thralls. If The Ark can be found, it would be in either Cairo, Vladivostok, Dublin, or somewhere in the United States of America.

Not much is known about The Ark.
That computer is very useful.
It's a shame that Integration theory is total nonsense.
It and it's creator Nathan Crowley think that we are mythological creatures or tulpa or some other gibberish.
At least this gives me something to go off of instead of just insane ramblings left over in Microsoft Word documents.
I did some research and i found a library in nevada that might have some information.
Heading there tomorrow. 
- Indrid


  1. Oh, DAMN, it helped YOU.

    I...who are you? If not human?

  2. I think you mean "what" is he if he is not human. He already answered as to who he is (Name: Indrid Cold), though that is still under suspicion as to whether it is even his real name or not. Though, I do like the name nonetheless, so kudos for that. Heh.

    Interesting. Nevada. Don't get abducted, dear.

  3. I really don't know where this idea of me being human came from.
    And yes.
    Indrid Cold is my real name.
    I see no need in hiding my identity.
    My enemy is long dead.
    Trying to hide information from Slender is foolish.
    - Indrid