Friday, March 11, 2011

Good news everyone!

Found out who sent me that letter today, turns out it was my a friend of mine who had seen marble hornets and thought it was a hoax. He knows where i live so he dropped it off at my house to freak me out for the lulz. I was to relieved that i wasn't even mad.

In other news Finn drew a picture of the red mask dude from his dreams. The mask looks like it's made out of cloth or burlap and a rope is tied around his neck to hold it on. The picture shows masky wearing both gloves and boots, the drawing is in graphite so i can't be sure, but i think the gloves and boots are meant to be black. The knife is very unique looking though, it looks like it's almost sprouting teeth.

Time for the bad news now. I found more footprints around my house today, they look about as old as the last ones so i doubt that Mr.Sandy has been back. This would have all been good if i had just left it at that. I took a look through recent photos and found one i took of the street from out my front window, i didn't notice when i first took the picture but looking at it now i can see sand in the grass of my lawn. This thing has been watching me since before i even had this blog. 

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