Sunday, March 13, 2011

What happened at Finns

When i got to Finns house on Saturday i found that all the windows had been covered, some by blinds, some by curtains, i think i even saw one taped over with duct tape. I knocked on Finn's door, turns out he was fine, the reason that he didn't contact anyone was that all his electronics stopped working and he heard something lurking outside. Finn went to investigate and got rushed by something wearing a hood, he shut the door fast and locked it. It continued to lurk outside until about an hour before i arrived.

After Finn explained what happened we got Finn's camera to take photos of the footprints outside. As soon as we opened the door the thing barged in and punched me the stomach, i fell over in pain (i admit it, i can't take a punch) and the thing started fighting Finn. Finn being more athletic than i am was able to fight it for a while which gave me to get back up and stab it. Funny thing happened when the knife cut that abomination, dust came out instead of blood. I gasped, breathing in some of the dust and then went unconscious. Finn later told me that after i stabbed it the thing just took off running.

I woke up on Sunday with a headache. I don't even remember posting on Saturday.

I forgot to say what happened to the camera, it just stopped working after the hooded thing attacked.

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