Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updates from everyone

I had a dream last night, Slender Man and his proxies were chasing people through a forest. I thought they were all going to die, that we were all going to die. Then i heard something from Trees and i looked up, something leaped down from the top of a Tree and landed on a proxie and snapped  it's neck, that's the only time it moved slow enough for me to get a good look, it's eyes glowed and it's face was red like blood. The thing with glowing eyes took some kind of knife out, slit their throats, proxies and runners alike. It killed them quickly, then it went for Slendy himself. Slender Man vanished, and the thing turned, it looked at me, and then i woke up. - Finn

Something is following me, it's never there when i turn around but i know it's real. I will update if something happens. - Mr.Steel

Found an odd letter in my mail today. Blank white envelop with one word written on it in black crayon, "Zed". Inside the envelop i found some blank paper with written on the black crayon just like the envelop, it said "THE ARK VIEWS YOU FROM IT'S STEEL THRONE". This is bad, someone knows who i am and where i live. The style of writing is consistent with proxies. I'm going to go buy a knife in the morning. - Zed

Finn told me the dream today and my recollection seems to be a bit off, for example it was a red mask not a red face.

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  1. Make sure you keep some over heated or extremely cold stuff nearby just in case you start having Revenant troubles.

    As for Proxies. Well they aren't all Revenants, and so they don't have to be to careful with really annoying stuff, like light in the eyes, loud sounds. But thats what makes them dangerous, even if they're only human, they can still cut you up something awful.

    In my opinion they're more dangerous.