Monday, March 14, 2011


It appears that I've been hacked by someone who is associated with the hooded thing. Changed my password so it shouldn't be a problem anymore. Please disregard any of my recent comments on any posts especially if the post contained a bad joke or end in "HAHAHA".

I'm not going to bother tracking down all comments the hacker made, though i did find this comment on one of my Saturday posts: Well to be honest i didn't think the other would be poking around in Zed's head. It's not like it helps any of you anyway, you people can only see the orange! NEVER THE BLUE!


The hacker seems to be suggesting that i'm being turned into a Slender proxie so i'm going to start tying my leg to a bed post before i go to sleep. I don't know the significance on the "Orange and Blue" part of the comment, if anyone has any thoughts on what it means please post.

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  1. Sorry I'm late to the party but the only thing I could think of is "Orange and Blue Morality"-

    It would make the most sense in-context, but this hacker seems kind of crazy anyway.

    You doing okay?